IATSE General Executive Board Declares Weasel Works Productions Unfair

MONTREAL, QC — Following deliberate and careful consideration of the harmful and potentially unlawful circumstances created by Weasel Works Productions, the IATSE General Executive Board voted unanimously to declare Weasel Works an unfair employer.

IATSE members are prohibited from rendering any service for the company until further notice, effective immediately.

The move follows multiple instances of Weasel Works refusing to negotiate after employees came together to seek benefits and the protections of a union contract.

“We, as local representatives of the IATSE, have a duty to see that our members are protected under an IATSE agreement for reasonable terms, conditions, fair wages and benefits,” said IATSE Local 487 Business Representative David O’Ferrall. “The technicians, of Locals 487, 600 and 798 banded together to ask that this production treat them with the respect they have earned and this company choose to disrespect them and their skills. The crew showed tremendous solidarity by walking away from this Producer and affirmed the right of all employees to be treated fairly.”

IATSE Assistant Director of Motion Picture and Television Production Dan Mahoney added that, “The IATSE’s production Locals are united to continue organizing non-union commercial productions. We will also work with our friends at the Teamsters, DGA and SAG/AFTRA to form a combined action group dedicated to winning the security and benefits of our Agreements to those working on commercial productions.”

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