Joining the Animation Union is Wild!

Vancouver, BC – Workers at the Vancouver location of Wildbrain Animation Studios have surpassed the level of support required to form a union at their workplace, becoming the newest members of the Canadian Animation Guild, IATSE Local 938. The certification was released today by the BC Labour Relations Board.

WildBrain workers made public their intentions to form a union this summer when they launched their Unionize WildBrain campaign. Since that time, they have been speaking to one another about the need to come together to improve their working conditions. With this successful certification, workers at WildBrain become the fourth group to join Canadian Animation Guild, IATSE Local 938.

“We are honoured to welcome workers from WildBrain into our Local,” said Eddy Pedreira, Secretary of CAG, IATSE Local 938. “Along with these new members, animation workers across Canada are strengthened as we all continue to work together to make the industry better.”

Now that the union has been formed, the workers will begin the bargaining process with the employer. “Representing workers is what we do best,” stated John Lewis, IATSE International Vice President and Director of Canadian Affairs. “We look forward to a fulsome bargaining process that will bring real change to the lives of workers at WildBrain Animation Studio.”

Animation workers across Canada are actively forming unions at a number of other studios. Individuals interested in speaking to someone about how to help should contact IATSE International Representative Will Gladman, at

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