AQPM and Production Duvernay inc. c. AQTIS 514 AIEST and ADISQ and UDA, 2022 QCTAT 5837

TAT decision declaring that the classification of audio coordinator working on the Grand spectacle de la fête nationale 2019, a variety show captured and then aired on television the following day, falls within the TV- Sector 1 jurisdiction of the AQTIS 514 IATSE because the work was performed for the purposes of the audiovisual production. The TAT also determines that the classification of sound engineer is not part of the union jurisdiction for this specific show because the work was essentially performed for the sound of the live stage show and not intended for TV. On a preliminary question, the TAT declared that it had the power to add classifications to the AQTIS 514 IATSE’s jurisdiction, even though it had acknowledged in the past in a 2018 decision a list of classifications agreed between the Quebec producer’s association AQPM and the former AQTIS

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