Stephen Harper Ousted, Canada Elects Majority Liberal Government

TORONTO, ON – On October 19, history was made as Prime Minister Stephen Harper was ousted from office in a federal election that left no question that Canadians were ready for change. Justin Trudeau and the Liberal party swept to victory with a majority government.

The IATSE, which had encouraged its members to vote for the candidate most likely to beat the Conservative candidate in their own ridings, is pleased with the results. Members came out in force to knock on doors, man the phones, and most importantly, to vote for change. With the Liberals in power, the IATSE has achieved its goal; to unseat the Conservatives.  

International President Matthew D. Loeb stated “We are looking forward to working with the Liberals; a progressive government in Canada that places a high value on workers, women, the LGBT community, indigenous peoples, and of course, the arts. And we’re certainly looking forward to seeing the end of Bill C-377.” 

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