Supreme Court Of Canada Rules in Favour of IATSE Local 849 in Egg Films Dispute

HALIFAX, NS – On September 25, the Supreme Court of Canada dismissed Egg Films’ application for leave to appeal and awarded costs to IATSE Local 849.  This represents a significant victory for all workers who work in commercials, and certainly a big achievement for Local 849.  In March of 2011, Local 849 certified Egg Films, the largest producer of commercials in Atlantics Canada.  After two-and-a-half years, the Labour Board of Nova Scotia imposed a first collective agreement – the first time that first contract arbitration had ever been employed by the Board.  A one-year contract was presented to IATSE Local 849 and Egg Films on September 19, 2013, and in the ensuing year, 10 commercials have been shot successfully under the agreement.

Local 849 looked forward to building a new and productive relationship with Egg Films for the benefit of both organizations, but Egg continued the appeal process through to its highest level, the Supreme Court of Canada.  IATSE’s International President Matthew D. Loeb stated, “This result has been a long time in coming, and should help to pave the way for additional organizing in the commercial industry in Canada.”

While today’s victory is sweet, the local’s members are looking forward to putting this behind them and working hard, as they have always done, to maintain the quality of product that has made Egg Films the premiere commercial and corporate production company in Atlantic Canada.

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