ACWU IATSE Local B778: Bringing Union Cachet to Gallery Gachet

VANCOUVER, BC – The IATSE’s newest local, Arts and Cultural Workers Union (ACWU) Local B778, secured its first organizing victory on July 8 at Gallery Gachet. The gallery will become the second signatory employer with the local. Founded by a collective of arts and cultural workers, Local B778 members have much in common with workers at the gallery, so the fit was a natural one.

The vote was a trailblazer in two other regards. First, the local had to ensure that it was recognized as a union by the BC Labour Relations Board. Now accomplished, this paves the way for any subsequent organizing drives.  Second, this vote marked the first time an IATSE local in BC has used electronic representation cards and conducted an online vote.

“We formed this IATSE Local because we recognized the need for union representation for all arts and cultural workers. We are so proud to welcome Gallery Gachet workers into the union,” said ACWU IATSE B778 President Jonny Sopotiuk. “Gallery Gachet was founded with the belief that people who have experienced marginalization should be supported in their struggle for a creative life and career, and that art & culture are critical elements of a healthy society.”

The four gallery workers voted unanimously in support of the union and are looking forward to working under their first collective agreement. All four workers shared that, “as arts and culture workers, we are excited to join the ACWU and the over 25,000 IATSE members across Canada.” Other BC gallery and arts workers looking for union representation can contact Jonny Sopotiuk at or by phone at 604-368-4447.

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