Andrew Oyaas Elected International Trustee; Siobhan Vipond Elected CLC Delegate

NEW YORK, NY – The IATSE General Executive Board unanimously elected Andrew “Roo” Oyaas to the position of International Trustee, and elected Siobhan Vipond to the position of CLC Delegate, replacing the vacancies left by Thomas Cleary and Kelly Moon.
A member of the IATSE since 1983, Andrew “Roo” Oyaas serves as secretary-treasurer of IATSE Local 491, representing film and television technicians in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Savannah, Georgia. In 1999 he developed a local union Agreement Compliance Audit Program, which he currently runs for IATSE Local 491 and other local unions upon request. He has served as secretary-treasurer of District 7 since 2008. Oyaas will be joining Patricia White, Local 764, and Carlos Cota, Local 122, as an International Trustee, elected to oversee the IATSE’s financial books and records.

Siobhan Vipond has been a member of IATSE Local 210, representing stage and film technicians in Edmonton, Alberta, since 2001. Vipond currently serves as secretary treasurer of the Alberta Federation of Labour, which she was elected to in 2013. A committed trade unionist, Vipond is active with women’s issues and politics and will serve as the IATSE delegate to the Canadian Labour Congress.
Correction: An email originally stated that the CLC Delegate was appointed; this has been corrected to “elected.”

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