Montreal, September 23, 2020 – AQTIS, IATSE 667 and IATSE 514 are pleased to announce that they are taking a major step to better meet their members’ needs. The Association québécoise des techniciens et techniciennes de l’image et du son, Local 514, (IATSE) will represent 7,000 people and will be the largest film and television industry union in Quebec. Voting ended today at 5 p.m. 82% of IATSE 514 members voted for the merger. IATSE 667 members already voted for the merger at 94% and AQTIS at 83%.

This outcome follows a lengthy consultation. The discussions and negotiations that led to the amalgamation began in 2019. In addition to improving services for members, joining forces will give the new entity a stronger voice with government. One goal of the merger is to strengthen the industry and the new organization will continue efforts directed at various levels of government to extend production budgets. Uniting the three entities will also support efforts to increase the number and variety of local and international productions shot in Quebec.

“This is a big day!” says Christian Lemay, Vice-President Quebec of IATSE 667. “The vast majority of workers in the film and television industry have unequivocally approved the proposed merger. The message is clear and shows a strong will to unite. Clearly, our people are attached to their trades and their industry.”

“Combining our organizations gives us new and greater opportunities for growth,” says Daniel Matthews, President of IATSE 514. “This merger will be the catalyst for change we have long been hoping for in Quebec. Growth will make us stronger!”

“This is a fine example of democracy,” adds Dominic Pilon, President of AQTIS. “Now we can build together the future of production in Quebec and of the people who work in it. The best is yet to come!”

IATSE International President Matthew D. Loeb welcomes the merger, stating, “The IATSE is trilled to see a unified labour force in Quebec, and very pleased with resulting labour stability in the province.”

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