DNEG Montreal Officially Receives Union Recognition

MONTREAL, QC – The Tribunal Administratif du Travail du Quebec released its official decision that workers at DNEG Montreal had officially formed a union with IATSE. The Montreal location is the second of the three DNEG locations to form a union, following workers at DNEG Vancouver, who officially formed their union in November 2023. Workers at DNEG Toronto have also filed for certification and are awaiting a ruling from the Ontario Labour Relations Board.

“We are thrilled that workers at DNEG Montreal have the representation they fought so hard to win,” said IATSE International Representative Isabelle Lecompte. “As the largest of the three DNEG studios, this is an important step for workers across the entire company having union representation.”

Since the announcement of workers at DNEG Vancouver were successful in forming a union, VFX workers across Canada have been actively seeking to improve their working conditions through union representation. “We are seeing an unprecedented amount of worker engagement and empowerment in VFX right now,” said IATSE International Vice President and Director of Canadian Affairs John Lewis. “Not only here in Canada, but in the USA as well. VFX workers are finding a home in the IATSE.”

If you are a VFX worker who would like to speak to someone about improving your working conditions, please contact IATSE International Representative Jeremy Salter at jsalter@iatse.net

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 International Representative Isabelle Lecompte at ilecompte@iatse.net
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