Encore! Stagehands at Two Toronto Venues Vote to Join IATSE

TORONTO, ON – IATSE Local 58 has expanded its jurisdiction with two existing employers; The Harbourfront Centre and Artscape. Stage employees at the Fleck Dance Theatre, located in The Harbourfront Centre, approached Local 58 for representation and the local filed an application for certification with the Ontario Labour Relations Board on April 4. Mirroring that story, Local 58 also began to work with the stage employees at Artscape Sandbox, and an application for that venue was filed on April 11. The votes were held a week apart, and by an overwhelming majority, the stagehands at both venues voted to be represented by IATSE Local 58.

Both venues are important parts of Toronto’s cultural mosaic. The 446-seat Fleck Dance Theatre is a proscenium theatre commonly used for dance or theatrical performances, and is a critical part of the multiple cultural offerings at The Harbourfront Centre. The Sandbox is akin to a 6,000 square-foot blank canvas, inviting flexible creative possibility and personalization. It is regularly used for everything from artistic performances and theatre productions to social gatherings and professional events.

On April 27, the Labour Board issued IATSE Local 58 the certifications for both venues. The new Local 58 members are looking forward to working with representation and eager to begin negotiations for their first collective agreement. 

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