HCP MBS Studios Canada, LTD (DBA Pacific Back Lot) Become Second Rental House to Join IATSE

VANCOUVER, BC Workers at HCP MBS Studios Canada, LTD (DBA Pacific Back Lot), recently certified their union with IATSE, becoming the second rental house in a matter of months to join the union. The certification decision was released by the BC Labour Relations Board on September 29.

“We are excited to welcome these workers into the IATSE,” said IATSE International Vice President and Director of Canadian Affairs John Lewis. “Workers at Canadian rental houses play an important role in the film & television and live event industries and deserve representation just like all other entertainment industry workers.”

Now that the union has been certified by the BC Labour Relations Board, the bargaining process will begin.

Workers from other rental houses who are interested in improving their working conditions should contact IATSE international Representative Jeremy Salter at jsalter@iatse.net.


For more information, contact:

Krista Hurdon, IATSE International Representative

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