Historic Moment for VFX Workers in Canada

VANCOUVER, BCOn November 15, workers at Vancouver-based VFX studio Double Negative (DNEG) joined IATSE, becoming the first vendor-side VFX workers in Canada to form a union. Following a hearing of the British Columbia Labour Relations Board, the workers were informed they had surpassed the threshold of support required to form a union in the province.

DNEG’s Vancouver location was the first studio the company opened in North America and is one of the world’s leading visual effects studios for feature film and television. This location has produced work leading to several Academy Awards for Best VFX in recent years. The IATSE looks forward to negotiating Canada’s first collective agreement with the company.

“This a groundbreaking moment for workers at DNEG Vancouver and VFX workers across Canada,” said John Lewis, IATSE International Vice President and Director of Canadian Affairs. “VFX workers in Canada have been without union representation for too long in this country, and we are honoured to welcome workers from DNEG Vancouver into the IATSE.”

IATSE International Representative Jiaming Li said, “Workers at DNEG realized that they needed to work together to improve their working conditions. It has been an inspiration to work with the employees at DNEG as they worked to form their union.”

Workers at DNEG Vancouver are not the only VFX workers attempting to form unions at their workplace. Active union organizing is happening across Canada. Workers who are interested in improving their working conditions should contact IATSE international Representative Jeremy Salter at jsalter@iatse.net.

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