IATSE Congratulates Team Unite as New Leadership of Canadian Labour Congress

OTTAWA, ON – The IATSE is thrilled that Team Unite has been elected as the new leadership of the Canadian Labour Congress. The team, made up of the UFCW’s Bea Bruske, CUPE’s Lily Chang, and the IATSE’s Siobhan Vipond, was elected by a strong majority of the 4,000+ delegates today, during the final day of CLC Convention 2021. Larry Rousseau was re-elected to the remaining Vice-President position. The Team Unite slate and Rousseau had mutually endorsed one another during their respective campaigns.

“With their proven records as trade union activists, the members of Team Unite bring a wealth of experience to the Canadian Labour Congress. We’re looking forward to seeing their progressive leadership unfold. This is the first time an IATSE member has been elected to a fulltime executive position at the national level, and I couldn’t be more proud,” said IATSE International President Matthew D. Loeb.

John M. Lewis, the IATSE’s Director of Canadian Affairs added, “Siobhan has an incredible passion and dedication in fighting for workers and for progressive change. As the former Secretary Treasurer of the Alberta Federation of Labour, she’s made huge strides for workers at the municipal and provincial level. I have every confidence that Siobhan and the Team Unite slate will do great things as they lead Canada’s House of Labour.”

The new leadership will begin their two-year terms immediately. Canada’s labour movement is in good hands.

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Krista Hurdon, IATSE International Representative

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