IATSE Endorses Team Unite for Leadership of Canadian Labour Congress

TORONTO, ON – Leadership at the IATSE are standing in support of Team Unite for Canadian Labour Congress President, Secretary-Treasurer, and Executive Vice-President at the upcoming CLC Convention, to be held May 4-8 in Vancouver. Team Unite is a coalition of three dedicated labour activists; the UFCW’s Bea Bruske, CUPE’s Lily Chang, and the IATSE’s Siobhan Vipond.

“With populist policies gaining ground in trying to convince people that unionized workers are the ‘bad guys,’ the time is right for proven activists to take the reins and change the conversation. These leaders are up to the task,” said IATSE International President Matthew D. Loeb.

John Lewis, an International Vice President and the IATSE’s Director of Canadian Affairs, added, “Bea, Lily, and Siobhan have demonstrated throughout their careers that they are willing to take on the hard fights in support of working families.  I am proud to endorse Team Unite and confident that they have the knowledge and experience to build a stronger labour movement for all Canadians.”

The IATSE understands the importance of a strong CLC for all workers, whether or not they are represented by a union. The power of the labour movement has always come from our ability to work together and through Team Unite, our strengthened bond will enable us to take on even the toughest of challenges.

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