IATSE and ABAS offer free legal support to MPC Vancouver workers laid off just weeks before Christmas

VANCOUVER, BC – The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE) and the Art Babbitt Appreciation Society (ABAS) will be providing free legal support to workers from MPC Vancouver who were recently laid off just weeks before Christmas. MPC Vancouver closed its doors permanently on December 11.

“When we heard that MPC was closing, our first thought was the workers that were being laid off,” said Vanessa Kelly from ABAS. “We want to let those workers know that we will do whatever we can to help them through this difficult process.”

Depending on the nature of the layoffs and the contracts these workers have, workers at MPC Vancouver have several options available to them to ensure that they are fairly and properly compensated when they are laid off. The IATSE will provide legal support to workers on a case-by-case basis to evaluate the various options available.

“We want to ensure that these workers are supported and aware of the options they have available to them,” said IATSE International Representative Julia Neville. “We encourage all MPC Vancouver workers to contact us as soon as possible.”

Workers from MPC Vancouver who would like to access this free legal support should contact Ms Neville at jneville@iatse.net. All communications will be strictly confidential.

About ABAS

The ABAS advocates for better working conditions for everyone in the Animation and Visual Effects sectors, and their goal is to form union locals across Canada through IATSE.

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