In response to a growing desire by the Canadian membership to get more involved in political issues affecting them, the IATSE is pleased to announce the launch of an online tool which will allow members to participate in lobbying campaigns.  Copyright reform will be the first issue on which we focus our efforts.  For some time now, the International, along with other industry stakeholders, has been engaged in lobbying efforts in the United States and Canada to urge their respective governments to enact stronger copyright legislation. This legislation is critical in protecting our industry and our jobs from the growing threat of online piracy.

The IATSE has designed an online lobbying campaign to engage Members of Parliament regarding this critical issue.  Through a password-protected section of the IATSE’s website, Canadian users are able to email their MPs and voice their concerns.

This is the first time the International has attempted to engage the membership in such a campaign.  Given its ease of use, we are hopeful that this method of lobbying will result in a high level of member participation.  Future campaigns using this new and innovative tool are already being discussed.

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