IATSE Local 118 Wins Organizing Trifecta on Granville Island

VANCOUVER, BC – On April 16, IATSE Local 118 secured its third organizing win in less than a month. All three theatre companies operate on the Vancouver peninsula known as Granville Island. Stage employees at the theatres voted in three separate ballots and, with strong majorities and one unanimous vote, the BC Labour Relations Board issued the certificates for all three.

Stagehands at the avant garde Boca del Lupo were the first to vote and the Board issued that certificate on March 19. Next up was the Carousel Theatre for Young People, on April 1, followed by the Granville Island Theatre District on April 16. Between the three employers, a total of 34 stagehands will be sworn in as IATSE Local 118 members.

Preparations for bargaining already underway, and the new members are looking forward to continuing the work they love with these employers, soon to be under their first collective agreement.

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