IATSE Pleased with Government’s Decision to Refer CBC Licence Renewal Back to CRTC

TORONTO, ON The IATSE commends Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez and Cabinet for listening to concerns and referring back the CBC-Radio Canada licence renewal decision (CRTC 2022-165) to the CTRC for reconsideration.Cabinet’s decision follows concerns expressed by a wide range of industry stakeholders, including a petition to the Governor in Council filed by the IATSE on August 5. A petition was also filed jointly by AQTIS Local 514 IATSE and other Quebec entertainment unions.

The CBC licence renewal had much to support, such as the imposition of expenditure requirements dedicated to programming by content creators who are members of equity-seeking communities, and the introduction of an expenditure-based approach that encompasses traditional broadcast platforms as well as digital media broadcasting undertakings. Issues with the renewal included the elimination of historical conditions of licence relating to television content, the adoption of a “Percentage of Program” expenditure model, and the failure to impose certain licensing obligations on Radio Canada for French language youth & children’s programming.

“The IATSE appreciates the work of Minister Rodriguez and Cabinet’s willingness to listen to, and work with, stakeholders,” said Director of Canadian Affairs John M. Lewis. “It is Government’s role to ensure that the mandate of the CBC serves both the industry and all Canadians, and we have seen that the system works.” The CRTC will now begin the process of reconsideration, and CBC-Radio Canada has indicated that they are committed to offering quality Canadian programming and will be participating in that process.

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