Conseil du Québec de la Guilde canadienne des réalisateurs (CQGCR) c. Association des producteurs publicitaires (APP), 2021 QCTAT 903

TAT decision dismissing the DGC’s application for review of two decisions in which judges of the TAT refused raiding applications to carve out some classifications from existing negotiation sectors belonging to the AQTIS (now Local 514 IATSE). The DGC was trying to be recognized (certified) by raiding only part of general sectors held by AQTIS, i.e., the Locations department in sector 1 (Canadian and Quebec productions) and the positions of assistant directors as well as the Locations department in the publicity sector. The TAT’s rulings place a heavy burden on any rival union to show convincing evidence that it is the desire of the concerned members to no longer be part of a general sector and to show the existence of good or serious reasons to change the current scope of a recognized negotiation sector.

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