Exhibition Place v. Local 58 [2002] O.L.A.A. No. 3245 (Ontario Labour Relations Board)

The dispute concerned the assignment of installation of surveillance cameras to the IBEW (grieved by local 58) and the assignment of installation of speakers to IATSE (grieved by the IBEW).  The employer and local 58 agreed that permanent electrical installations fell to the IBEW, while temporary installations were the domain of IATSE.  The IBEW argued that all electrical work, both permanent and temporary, belonged to it and that IATSE was entitled to work only in theatres.  The Board accepted the approach taken by the employer and IATSE, distinguishing between permanent and temporary work (chattels v. fixtures), but held that the installation of the surveillance cameras, up to and including cabling to the cameras themselves, had been properly assigned.

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