Local 891 Votes to Provide Ongoing Assistance to the Actors’ Fund of Canada

IATSE Local 891, representing film technicians in Vancouver, has approved automatic member contributions for the Actors’ Fund of Canada.  At a General Membership Meeting on July 18, the Local 891 membership voted to make a  contribution to the Actors’ Fund of $4 per member, per quarter.  With a membership in excess of 5,000, the local’s contribution will be significant. 

“I commend the Local 891 membership for implementing a system that will see ongoing support extended to the Actors’ Fund; an organization that has supported many IATSE members through difficult times,” said Matthew D. Loeb, IATSE International President.
The Actors’ Fund is an organization that provides emergency financial aid to assist any cultural worker in recovering from an illness, injury or other circumstance that has caused severe economic and personal hardship.

Local 891 President Ken Anderson said, “The Actors’ Fund has provided a safety net for entertainment industry workers for many years and we’re thrilled that the membership has voted to express its support in this manner.”

David Hope, Executive Director of the Actors’ Fund of Canada, stated,“Local 891 is an amazing example of how the Fund works with its partners in the entertainment industry.  Local 891 has long been a steadfast supporter of the Fund and their contributions have allowed us to help hundreds of union members bounce back from adversity by providing emergency financial aid.  We’re especially grateful for this latest show of support which underlines the faith the members have in our ability to serve their community. We look forward to continuing our collaboration and helping members of IATSE in need, whenever an emergency strikes.”

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