Local 822 Ratifies Mirvish Agreements

Members of IATSE Local 822 voted today to ratify its two collective agreements with Mirvish Productions, which cover the Canon, Panasonic, Princess of Wales, and Royal Alexandra Theatres. 

Local 822, which had been in a legal strike position since July 23, 2010, voted with an 89% majority to accept the two agreements covering all four venues.  The agreements have six-year terms retroactive to 2008, and call for wage increases of 3% , 3%, and 2% in the first three years, and in year four, will range from 2.5% to 3%.  In the final two years of the agreements, the predominately female membership will receive the same dollar-for-dollar increases as the stagehands working in the same venues.  This accomplishes the goal of the local union to ensure the wage gap does not continue to expand between its members and those of the predominantly male stagehands.

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