New Chairman for IATSE Safety Committee

On February 5, 2003, International President Thomas C. Short appointed Brother Tim Wade of Local 600 as the Chairperson of the IATSE Safety Committee. Brother Wade has served on the Industry Wide Labor/Management Committee for nine years. Working in that capacity has given him a much broader scope of understanding core safety issues within the entertainment industry and has been an excellent opportunity to work directly with the producers in a very positive way. He is also a Cal-OSHA representative which has rounded out his knowledge in respect to both legal and practical applications.

Brother Wade is a second generation IATSE member, as well as a member who has been fortunate enough to learn his craft through hands-on experience spanning over 35 years.

Brother Wade joins Brothers Dennis Larkin of Local No. One, New York, NY and Leo Gallenstein of Local No. 22, Washington, D.C. as Committee Members of the IATSE Safety Committee.

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