Damian Petti Elected to General Executive Board of the IATSE

Damian Petti was elected to the General Executive Board of the IATSE in the position of 13th Vice President, International President Thomas C. Short announced. A native of Canada, Petti fills the second Canadian position of the IATSE General Executive Board. The General Executive Board held the Mid-Winter meeting in Palm Springs, California from February 3 through February 8, 2003.

Petti has worked in the entertainment industry as a technical director, production stage manager, sound technician and motion picture technician. In 1998, Petti was elected President of Calgary- based Local 212. He was re-elected for a second term in December 2001.

Educated in Calgary, Alberta, Canada at Mount Royal College and the University of Calgary, Petti studied Theatre Arts and Drama. He also served on the Alberta Film Commission board of directors.

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