Canadian Animation Guild IATSE 938 Continues to Grow

VANCOUVER, BCProduction workers at Titmouse Animation Canada are the latest group of Animation and Game workers to come together to improve their working conditions by joining The Canadian Animation Guild, IATSE Local 938. These workers will join the animation workers at Titmouse Animation Canada, who voted 98% in favour of joining the union in 2020.

“We are excited to welcome production workers at Titmouse into our Local,” said CAG 938 President Kari Nakken. “The collective voice of our members is now stronger, and the union movement in animation and game workers across Canada is now louder.” In September, the Canadian Animation Guild also unionized Anemone Hug Interactive, the first full-service game studio in Canada to form a union and organizing efforts continue across Canada.

IATSE International Vice President and Director of Canadian Affairs John Lewis is not surprised that more animation and game workers want union representation. “More and more, workers are seeing the value of coming together with strong union representation. As the largest entertainment union in Canada, we are proud to support these workers and fight to improve their working conditions.”

Animation and game workers who are interested in improving their working conditions and securing union representation should contact International Representative Emily Gossmann at

For more information or to arrange an interview, please contact:

Krista Hurdon, IATSE International Representative 

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