Federal Election 2021: Question 3

As the CRB approaches what looks to be the termination of the program, we are far from the time that venues will be allowed to open to full audiences. Will your party be advocating for income supports for the live performance workers who are unable to work because their workplaces remain closed or partially closed? If so, what form would these supports take?

Bloc Québécois:

As mentioned, we wish to suspend the CRB except for the arts and culture sector, which still clearly needs it. Several elements of our platform are aimed at greater predictability and sustainability of funding, whether for cultural organizations and groups or for artists themselves. We would like to review several pieces of legislation, including the Status of the Artist Act, in order to put in place a special status for artists, combined with measures offering them greater financial security.

Conservative Party of Canada:

Did not respond by deadline or in the “Q&A” format provided. Please click here for full response.

Green Party of Canada: 

Did not respond by deadline, however, the response has been added below:

We will certainly advocate for performance workers and ALL workers who are unable to participate in the economy due to the pandemic and regulations that prevent full engagement. (See answer to question 2 re guaranteed livable income).

Liberal Party of Canada:

  • It is our commitment to support live performance workers, among other workers who are affected by the pandemic and public health/social distancing restrictions.
  • Additionally, as promised in our platform we intend on supplementing and supporting this sector through the following initiatives:
    • Launch a new Arts and Culture Recovery Program that will match ticket sales for performing arts, live theatres, and other cultural venues to compensate for reduced capacity.
    • Implement a COVID-19 transitional support program to provide emergency relief to out-of-work artists, craftspeople, creators, and authors who are primarily self-employed or independent contractors.
    • Ensure the realities of artists and cultural workers are considered in upcoming reforms to the Employment Insurance (EI) system.

New Democratic Party:

As Canada heads into a fourth wave, the Liberals are already clawing back pandemic benefits from Canadians, cutting the CRB benefit level to $300. An NDP government will restore the benefit level and maintain those benefits until the pandemic is truly over.

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