Federal Election 2021: Question 6

By employing strict safety protocols, the screen sector has rebounded and production levels in Canada are now at historic levels. Jobs for tens of thousands of Canadians have been fueled in large part by the increase of foreign service work, as well as the increased industry capacity and infrastructure. How will your party work with industry stakeholders to ensure all segments of the industry – both foreign service and domestic – maintain our prominent position as a global production centre? 

Bloc Québécois:

Much of our work in this area was done in the discussions surrounding Bill C-10 on the Broadcasting Act. The Bloc made several amendments to the basic bill to ensure that companies use as much as possible, and in all cases at least predominantly, Canadian human resources – creative and otherwise – in the creation, production and presentation of their programming.

The Bloc’s work on this issue shows how important we believe it is that all companies, whether in Quebec, Canada or abroad, contribute in the same way to the protection and promotion of Canadian culture. We will continue to ensure that no company, particularly no foreign company, has a free pass or is more competitive.

In conclusion, since a large number of our cultural proposals were developed following meetings with Quebec cultural groups, associations and organizations, we hope that they will be viewed favourably by the members of the Creative Industries Coalition. We will always support cultural creation in all its forms, including the arts and culture industry, because it constitutes our common good, a foundation of shared values and a foundation for Quebec identitý.

Conservative Party of Canada:

Did not respond in the ‘Q&A” format provided. Please click here for full response.

Green Party of Canada: 

This is a complex matter. The GPC supports taxation and regulation of foreign streaming services, copyright reform and regulation to support economic return for domestic production and ongoing negotiation between guilds and unions in the sector to minimize barriers to the free flow of the production process across international boundaries.

Liberal Party of Canada:

  • On top of platform commitments stated above, namely to increase funding to Telefilm, the Canada Media Fund, and the Indigeneous Screen Office, an elected Liberal Party will reintroduce legislation to reform the Broadcasting Act to ensure foreign web giants contribute to the creation and promotion of Canadian stories and music.
  • Combined with generous tax credits for foreign service productions, and the excellent quality and talent of Canadian audio-visual workers, we are certain this approach will maintain Canada as a global production centre. We will continue to work with our stakeholders to make sure Canada’s production industry is thriving for years to come

New Democratic Party:
We are always happy to discuss this important sector with stakeholders such as yourselves.

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