IATSE Delegation Endorses Four Year Convention 15 Constitutional Amendments Passed by Delegation at 64th Triennial Convention

The IATSE delegation, meeting in Chicago, IL at the Sheraton Hotel and Towers for their 64th Triennial Convention, passed 15 amendments to their Constitution. The most significant amendment extends, to four years, the time lapsing between Conventions.
Over 771 delegates also voted to expand the Executive Board from 11 Vice Presidents to a total of 13. The Canadian Caucus will elect one of the new Vice Presidents and the other position will be a Vice President at Large who will be elected by the Convention Body. The nomination of the new Vice President is scheduled for Thursday, with the election set for Friday.

Other significant amendments removing the reference to sexual orientation in the Membership Article, include amending the spelling of the word employees in the title of the Constitution, and extending the tenure of the Union Officials to four years to comply with the four year Convention amendment. Additional amendments include adding a Canadian Vice President to the administration of the Defense Fund Committee, issuing Road Cards to Make-up and Hair stylists traveling under the Pink Contracts and expunging the two-year requirement to obtain a Road Card.

Business set for Wednesday includes the review of resolutions from the Convention floor. Nominations for the President and Executive Board are scheduled for Thursday with voting scheduled for Friday morning.

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