IATSE Organizes “Ice: Beyond Cool”

IATSE Organizes “Ice: Beyond Cool” October 2, 2000

As a result of numerous meetings between DANCEARTS Vancouver and the IATSE, touring personnel with “Ice: Beyond Cool” will be represented by the IATSE with the provisions of the Traveling Stage Employes Contract.

Additionally, the friendly agreement was followed by a National Contract negotiated with the International Office. The agreement covers rates, terms and conditions in all venues across the country, representing the first contract of its kind and demonstrates the Union’s commitment to be progressive in its approach to organizing.

This unique arrangement would not have been possible. if it had not been for the efforts of International Vice President and Director of Canadian Affairs James B. Wood, International Vice President Michael J. Sullivan and International Representative Sean McGuire, under the direction of International President Thomas C. Short.

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