IATSE Local 58 and TIFF Bell Lightbox Make it Official

TORONTO, ON – The TIFF Bell Lightbox has been using IATSE labour for many years, with Local 58 representing their Projectionists and Assistant Booth Managers, and IATSE Local B173 representing their Box Office and Front-of-House workers. While the audio work was being done by Local 58 members, it wasn’t done under an agreement and these members weren’t typically performing the lighting or scenery work at the venue. During bargaining, Local 58 proposed an expansion of its existing bargaining unit to include the stage work, but that proposal was unsuccessful.

Stage employees wanted the security of working under a collective agreement, so on October 1, Local 58 filed an application for certification with the Ontario Labour Relations Board. The vote was held on October 8, and because all of the workers were already Local 58 members, the result was unanimous; 5-0 voted for representation. On October 30, the Labour Board issued the certificate, which covers all Stage Employees at the TIFF Bell Lightbox.

The 5-storey TIFF Bell Lightbox Theatre, built as a permanent home for the Toronto International Film Festival, is now an iconic Toronto cultural venue. Opened in 2010, it features a three-story public atrium, 5 public cinemas, 2 galleries, 3 learning studios, a centre for students and scholars, a bistro, a restaurant, and a lounge. The Local 58 stage members employed there are thrilled that they can continue their work at this beautiful venue, now with the security of a formal agreement.

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