IATSE Locals Work Together to Sign Rufus

REGINA, SK, February 29 – In January, the IATSE got word that a feature called Rufus! would be shooting non-union in Saskatchewan.  Four IATSE locals and their members – 212, 295, 300 and 669 – were involved in the process of trying to secure an agreement for the production, despite the fact that only Locals 300 and 669 would actually be signatories.  Almost every member who was hired on Rufus! called, e-mailed or texted their locals to offer what assistance or information they could.

After three weeks, an agreement was reached between the union and the production.  On February 6, Local 300 signed a collective agreement and on February 13, Local 669 did the same.  It was a great illustration of locals and members working together to achieve something worthwhile – even though not all would directly benefit.

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