IATSE Statement on CRTC Decision re Contributions from Global Streamers

Today’s CRTC decision (Broadcasting Regulatory Policy CRTC 2024-121) is an important one and while the IATSE will be reviewing the decision in more detail, we are disappointed to see that there is not enough flexibility to allow global streamers to use a portion of their contribution requirement for independent initiatives such as training or mentoring programs for Canadian creative workers. We are pleased to see diversity addressed, and to see some measure of flexibility for global producers to contribute to the Canadian industry. We are also puzzled that The Online Streaming Act seems to be spilling over into the jurisdiction of The Online News Act with the requirement that global streamers must now contribute to independent local news. Like many domestic specialty services, global streamers are not in the news business, but unlike these services, global streamers will be required to direct funding to news – taking funding away from film and television productions with Canadian creative workers.

The IATSE has always taken the position that global studios and streamers should contribute to the Canadian film industry but the manner in which they contribute needs to be more flexible, given the ever-changing media landscape. Forcing global producers to direct funds outside the film industry could negatively effect opportunities for these very workers. Global content spend has been slowing. Now more than ever, it’s important that global producers – who are the largest employers of Canadian film workers – are incentivized to come to Canada, hire highly skilled Canadian creative workers, and make great content for audiences here and around the world. As we’ve been saying all along of The Online Streaming Act – the focus has to be on supporting Canadian film workers.

John M. Lewis
International Vice President
Director of Canadian Affairs

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