IATSE Says the Online Streaming Act Fits the Bill

TORONTO, ON – The IATSE applauds Minister of Canadian Heritage Pablo Rodriguez and the Government of Canada for moving forward with Bill C-11 (the Online Streaming Act). 

As the largest entertainment union, representing over 36,000 Canadian creative workers, the IATSE celebrates the support for the Canadian entertainment industry. Whether domestic or globally-owned, these productions create good, middle-class jobs that benefit not only our members, but the businesses and communities they are shot in. 

Director of Canadian Affairs John M. Lewis stated, “Our members work on both domestic and foreign service productions, and we want to ensure a balance is struck whereby both sectors can succeed. We are confident that’s the intention behind Bill C-11.”

The global studios and streamers have brought a wave of jobs to the country, contributing approximately $5.3 billion annually – more than double that of domestic entities. Ensuring that both sectors are treated fairly, while not pushing away the entities that provide the majority of the jobs to our members, is crucial. This must remain an industry that allows for sustained, well-paying jobs for Canadians.  

We look forward to the bill being passed after the Easter break in the Senate, and are confident that when the time comes for the CRTC to assess what constitutes “Canadian content”, they will finally shine a spotlight on our hard-working, behind-the-scenes creatives.

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